Sep 12, 2017

European Commission: Abolish Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPC)

In an open letter and open submission thirty-three civil society organisations have called on the European Commission to abolish the supplementary protection certificates (SPC) mechanism and to stop encouraging the inclusion of SPCs – or similar mechanisms, such as patent term extensions – in free trade agreements with other countries.

SPCs are counterproductive to stimulating innovation as they create incentives for companies to focus on prolonging monopolies through evergreening strategies. At the same time, companies continue not to invest in areas of unmet public health need.

The submission addresses the European Commission´s current review of Regulation EC 469/2009 concerning SPCs for medicinal products, regquested under the 'Council Conclusions on Strengthening the Balance in the Pharmaceutical System in the EU and its Member States', adopted in June 2016.