Schluck & weg acts up

Who´s behind it all? 

Schluck & weg ( "Chug-a-pill") is the most long-standing political street theatre group in Germany. It was over twenty years ago, in spring 1984, when the lay theatre group first toured, with the objective of informing a large public about pharmaceutical exports into the developing world.

Since, the pharmaceutical campaigners' brightly coloured theatre bus is wheeling through Germany each year for two weeks, spreading the word about BUKO's initiatives on development and health policy.

How does the play come into being?

The plays are being developed and rehearsed in cooperation with an experienced theatre educationalist, and topical information by the pharmaceutical campaign on medical and development policy issues forms their basis. The members of the theatre group are not professionals, but laymen, and they are not required to possess theatrical experience at all cost. What is more important is that actors enjoy being part of the initiative, and bring in their political interest, enthusiasm and commitment. They take part in several weekend seminars in order to work out scenes and texts for the play and to procure costumes and properties.


Tour 2012

Street theatre play 2012 is focusing on the shortage of effective pain killers like Morphine all over the world so that millions of people die a painful death. On the other hand the marketing and overuse of other painkillers is expounded.

Tour 2009

Lisa in Wonderland - Street theatre Schluck & Weg (Chug a pill) attacks the pharmaceutical advertising.

Tour 2008

Tuberculosis - a worldwide threat. You are asking what all of this has to do with us here today? A lot! But see for yourselves, and let our actors take you along on their journey.